Using a JackDaddy by TuffTrailGear to remove a flat tire and to install a new tire that is aired up. The Jackdaddy is the lightest SxS jack on the market. Using the Jackdaddy, you can have your Side by side jacked up in roughly 15 seconds
Polaris RZR drifting in the dirt in Utah at Five Mile Pass. This is the Mountain View Motorsports RZR equipped with TuffTrailGear products to ensure that we can make it off the trail if we encounter a problem with the Polaris RZR.

Best jack on the market

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Polaris Rzr equipped with Tusk Terrabites and Tusk wheels also equipped with the TuffTrailGear JackDaddy for any inconvience we may encounter on the trail. JackDaddy is the fastest and lightest jack to carry on your SxS.

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Mountain View Motorsports was started because we believe that one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is with UTV's. We want to bring you our favorite products that we use on our own machine, especially ones that will help out on the trail.